Septic Tank Replacement

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People in rural areas use the septic tanks, because there are no public sewer systems. It’s usually an effective way to dispose of your household waste. Therefore the septic tank will always need regular and proper maintenance. Pumping should be done at least once a year. It depends on the size and number of people inside the house. However, it does get to a point where the septic tank is wearing out until and it might need a septic tank replacement.

Thus, below are some of the key factors that you should always consider when replacing your tank:

Septic tank size

The receptacle size will always tell you which costs you are going to incur. So when you select the tanks it is still important to remember that all the effluents will be held in the container. You should therefore consider replacing your septic with an appropriate capacity tank. Please always remember to buy your tank from a reputable branded company. You’ll need regular maintenance when you buy a small septic tank, pushing up the maintenance costs. Contrary to this, the large containers will be more expensive to install and buy. But they can serve the purpose once they have been installed with less maintenance.

Labor costs

The total replacement amounts always constitute labor costs. The cost of tank replacement can be so high. Consider the cost of removing the old system, and also the installation cost of the new one. However, if you have the time and experience, you might choose to assist throughout the task. You can help dig the hole by covering it, and help with the installation process. When you do this, this could help drive the costs down.

Drain Field

The Septic system consists of a septic tank and drain field. In the case you want to do underground septic, then drain fields are essential. One key advantage of replacing your septic with an underground tank is that it could have a soakaway, to filter some wastewater into the surrounding area. Consequently, that will help to reduce overall regular repair costs over time.

Place of installation

When installing the systems there are always two options, the ground above and the ground below. It might be a little cheaper in the case that you invest your septic above ground. However, they will need frequent emptying, particularly if they are not paired with a leaching could thus drive up the overall expenses. Usually, the underground septic tank is not cheap, either. You’re going to need someone to dig the hole and get your footing ready. But when it comes to effectiveness, the tanks could be the best, especially in areas where the sites are small.

The septic tank material

Finally, you should consider using containers made from better quality materials such as the high-density polythene or concrete model during replacement. They may be expensive but will last for a long time.  Don’t go for the cheaper models, as it will always require repairs all the time, so it’s more pricey. If you’re settling for a higher costing tank, it might initially cost you more. But in the long run you’ll find this is economical.

Septic tank replacement could be more costly. But when you use the best durable and large size tanks depending on the size of your household, then you could reap the benefits. Just ensure you work within your budget and get the aid of professionals from companies such as Pump My Poop Septic Services.

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