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Most of us have at least used the porta-potty at one time. These portable toilets have the main purpose of providing bathroom amenities in an area where there is no plumbing, or the need for restrooms is low. When it comes to keeping those units, there’ll always be a lot to do. When it comes to renting porta-potty, it will be of great importance to consider the customer services. Unless you are doing the emptying and cleaning by yourself, you will always need the services of a professional.

If you consider working with these specialists from companies like the Pump My Poop Septic Services, they will be able to play an important role. They’ll let you know the number of units you’re going to need and also the rental fees you’re going to pay, so are you planning an outdoor event and you’re worried about what kind of facilities you’re going to have to provide for your guests?  Besides all these facilities you will need if you’re going to make the event a success, sanitary needs to be one of your basics. Make sure you select Porta Potty Rentals to help meet the needs of your guests and their hygienic condition.

Things to ponder when renting the porta-potty.

Choosing the right company

There are so many companies offering rental porta potty services. Choosing the right company could be a bit challenging to fit your needs. However, businesses like the Pump My Poop Septic Services will have their information online.  You can choose to go the Internet way to find the right company, as most companies have their own websites. All you need to do is browse their websites and look up their achievement records. You can also ask friends if they have used the services beforehand. Always make sure you choose a company near you.

The right number of portable toilets

This will depend on your budget, the number of persons attending the event and the type of event when choosing the number of portable toilets. Because on the marketplace there are a variety of portable potties available, this will help service providers know which one will suit you.

That could include a mobile shower trailer, a mobile restroom trailer, and a portable VIP loo. The large holding tank, deluxe flushing restroom, ADA portable restroom complaint, and standard portable loo, are also available.


Some key features which you may want to include will always be present depending on the type of event you are holding. For both guest comfort and practical purposes you can opt to upgrade your unit.  If your event extends into the night, you may consider some lighting that will ensure a clearer view of the guests.

You can also choose to add stuff like the foot flushing add ons and hand-washing stations and sanitizers for cleanliness. That will not only make your event pleasurable, but also luxurious.

How often should I get my portable toilet in service?

Having your handheld Porta Potty Rental clean is essential. In that case, you’ll always consider a company holding a multi-day event that will provide the night cleaning services. However, adding more units will mean less service count if the distance does not allow.

We all plan a single point in time for events. Whether it is meetings, parties or reunions with family. If you choose to do the events outside, then you should always consider whether there are enough facilities. If you need more sanitary facilities, the above tips will be the most appropriate guideline to land at.

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